Calls to unleash ‘carp herpes’ into wild as aquatic vermin numbers spiral

Calls for the carp herpes virus to be released are back in southeastern Australia as the huge numbers of the pest-fish infest the waters.

Floodwaters create ideal conditions for carp to spawn, and after widespread flooding across the state last year, the numbers have spiked.

Carp are widely considered to be pests because of their destructive bottom feeding, which disturbs the sediment, uprooting underwater vegetation and muddying the water. This damages freshwater habitats and affects the other breeds of fish.

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Nature Conservation Council water campaigner Mel Gray said the fish were "aquatic vermin".

But there is something that can be done. After years in the making, the National Carp Control Plan was presented by the federal government, which included a report on the efficacy of the carp herpes virus.

This virus is believed to be capable of wiping out or at the very least drastically reducing the number of the nuisance fish. The virus only affects the over-bred carp.

Gray is disappointed to see the delay in introducing the virus to the waters.

"We've got to get strong political intention to look after our native wildlife," she said, "or we're heading to a future where all we have in the river is carp."

"We've done the studies, the science has been done, we know it's not going to jump from species to species," she continued.

One research scientist from Charles Sturt University said the problem could fix itself as the floodwaters reduce, which was one reason the roll out of the virus was being delayed.

"We expect as the river returns to in channel or regulated normal conditions, there'll be a massive mortality event," said Ivor Stuart.

"In the past few flood events that I've seen, 2010/11 and others, we've seen huge mortalities of those juvenile carp, to the point where in some locations they actually just about disappear," he continued.


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