Calgary Transit to start asking people to board buses at rear door due to COVID-19

Calgary Transit said Wednesday that it will start asking passengers to board buses at the rear door on Friday due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The transit service said the move is aimed at protecting the “health, safety and wellness of citizens and employees” and will reduce the number of interactions and increase physical distance between operators and customers.

People who require accessible boarding can still board buses at the front, the transit service said.

“Through this difficult time, we thank Calgarians for being honest and paying their fares,” said Russell Davies, acting director of Calgary Transit.

“This is an honour-system approach. Let’s come together as a community to keep our city safe.”

Calgary Transit asked customers to rip up single-use tickets after rear boarding and to buy tickets using machines when possible.

CTA to limit passengers

Calgary Transit Access will begin restricting the number of passengers inside its vehicles to two people.

“By limiting the number of shared rides for registered customers with disabilities who cannot take Calgary Transit, we can keep our commitment of customer safety by helping reduce contact between customers,” the transit service said.

During the pandemic, CTA said it has seen a decrease in trip requests, so it anticipates that there will not be a service impact with the “temporary passenger limit.”

Cleaning measures, shared responsibility

Calgary Transit said enhanced cleaning measures have been implemented for all vehicles, adding that keeping a clean transportation system is a shared responsibility.

“Anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents are being used to disinfect all high-touch areas on board vehicles like grab bars, seats and other areas that are frequently touched by operators or customers,” the transit service said.

“Vehicle cleaning adheres to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.”

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