Builder wins £120k on National Lottery and buys bacon rolls for all his mates

A Welsh builder was shocked to find out he had won The National Lottery’s Set For Life draw – but his first move was to buy a round of bacon rolls for all his workmates.

Paul Bevans said he still went to work after checking his ticket and treated the whole workplace to breakfast.

He said: “When I got to the site I showed my boss and the other lads, and then headed to the local shop so it could be checked properly on the terminal before I called The National Lottery, and of course, to shout the lads a bacon, sausage and egg roll to celebrate!

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“Once I’d made the call confirming the win, from the comfort of my van, I headed back to work and got on with the house clearance with everyone else.”

Paul, 50, revealed he has a secret ritual when he checks his ticket.

He said: “I know my mates will laugh when they hear this but, whenever I check my tickets on the app, I scan it and close my eyes hoping to hear the little tune it plays when your ticket is a winner.

“Usually when I hear that little ditty it’s announcing a £5 or sometimes £10 win, but this time when I opened my eyes I was congratulated on being a Set For Life winner, £10,000 every month for a year!”

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Nevertheless, Paul’s got a couple of ideas about how he’ll spend his winnings with a new vehicle on the horizon after year's of saving.

He said: "I won’t be buying anything too soon, I’ve waited this long so I’ll wait until the end of the summer when there should be some good deals about, but to know that by the end of the year I’ll finally have my campervan is just brilliant.”

Paul continued, “Before I get the camper, and if I can get the time off, I might book myself a little trip to Jamaica. Years ago my mum went and she said it was an island paradise so I fancy a bit of that! And the only other thing on my wish list for now, a trip to Anfield to see Liverpool play at home. I’ve been a lifelong fan and never seen them play, other than on the telly.”

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