Brits looking for love issued warning over aubergine and peach emojis

Brits looking for love could frighten off dates just by using the aubergine, peach and water droplet emojis, an expert has said.

Emoji expert Keith Broni said if sent too soon, the saucy symbols could scare potential partners away.

Red love hearts, fire, the tongue and smiley devil face are also best avoided.

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Keith, 33, editor-in-chief of symbol search engine Emojipedia, said: “If you wouldn’t put the request in words you shouldn’t encapsulate it in emojis.

“Many emojis now have euphemistic meanings. The eggplant and peach are a no-go, as are the water droplets. The red heart? I would warn against. The smiley devil face is a little inappropriate.”

Keith said emojis are popular on dating app profiles but warned folk to be careful which ones they ping.

He added: “Avoid the fire emoji – it’s used as a compliment but it’s explicit.”

Lovers of the aubergine emoji should be warned it can be used as a shorthand to describe a male appendage while a peach sometimes represents a rear end in fiery text conversations.

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Meanwhile, the water droplets emoji has an X-rated double meaning of its own.

The red heart emoji isn't typically associated with any double entendre but could come across as a bit too eager if you've only just started talking to a potential new flame.

As for red chili peppers and flame emojis, these are sometimes used to let someone know you find them attractive, or simply to spice up an otherwise innocuous message.

A tongue face or a smiling devil emoji are a little more self-explanatory in meaning.

Of course, it all depends on who you're texting and how comfortable you both are letting out your saucy side.

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