Brits bake in ‘T-shirt weather’ as mercury climbs after weeks of snow misery

Brits have been under the cosh with cold weather of late, but on Friday (March 17) some have been were basking in double-digit "T-shirt weather" as higher temperatures made an unexpected arrival.

For many, March felt as though it swapped places with February which was an otherwise dry and unusually mild month.

As the start of meteorological spring approaches the snow and ice which coated the country could have led people to think any warmth is a long way off.

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However, some Brits couldn't believe their luck to day as they were baked (ok, slightly heated up) in a nice warm bout of sun.

In some places down south, the thermometer tipped 15 degrees celcius, with London retaining a bright 13 degrees late into the afternoon.

In the early afternoon in parts of Yorkshire, including Leeds and York, also hit 15 degrees.

One Northerner, located in North Yorkshire, said: "I've been outside and I'm sweating – literally sweating. It's T-shirt weather here right now."

Another native of the county chimed on Twitter: "Good morning from a warm, sunny & positively spring-like Yorkshire".

Glasgow experienced some sunny intervals in the afternoon, with a high of 13 degrees.

One person, from Maryhill in the north-west of the city, took to Twitter after a short, sharp rain shower and exclaimed: "T shirt and shorts weather,when you see a full rainbow make a wish".

Beth Watson on Twitter added: "It’s FINALLY t shirt and a light jacket weather and I’m so happy I could scream."

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And as Yorkshire man David Byrom posed for a photo in the garden with his canine companion, he wrote: "T shirt weather in Staithes."

However, as Brits have come to expect, the weather is changable and the outlook for Saturday suggestes cloudy conditions with rain across the far northwest, else early rain in the south followed by sunny spells and showers, some heavy with thunder and hail in places over England, according to the Met Office.

The weather will be mostly fine Sunday once early rain or snow clears Shetland. It will be cloudy with rain on Monday, showers Tuesday before more prolonged rain arrives in the west. It's likely to be often windy but mild for most.

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