Britain’s most violent pub where police have to break up fights ‘every week’

Britain's most dangerous pub received regular visits from the police, at least once a week, in the final year of its opening.

Seven Bar in Wednesbury, West Midlands could be set to open its doors once more after it was shut down by council chiefs, before which it had recorded 26 serious crime instances in just a year.

Stabbings, brawls and hospitalisations were a frequent and worrying sight for patrons at the West Midlands pub, but it could be set to re-open its doors.

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Stiff opposition from police has come through in the wake of its potential opening, with the force recalling several past incidents of violence at the establishment.

Most recently was an incident in May of this year, where a 22-year-old was found stabbed in the lower back having suffered "significant blood loss".

He is said to have required an operation to stop the bleeding, with the wound he survived snagging an artery, with police noting customers were "served alcohol by the bar staff" despite it "being evident someone is seriously injured".

At the time of the incident, police also said that management knew "the risks of its customer base yet chooses to ignore this".

It appears the stabbing was the final straw, with 21 previous incidents recorded at the establishment.

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Seven of the 21 previous incidents had been recorded in this year, including a brawl outside the bar and another, separate incident that saw patrons fighting on the inside of the bar.

The pub beer garden wasn't safe either, with one woman lobbing two bottles at a victim who was left with a broken nose, a fractured eye socket and a cut to their forehead.

Even the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas Day, wasn't safe from a flurry of fighting, with one patron telling police that it wasn't anything out of the ordinary as there "is a fight in there every week", Express&Star reported.

Christmas Eve was no better, with one incident seeing a woman punched in the face by a man, while another, separate incident saw a man detained on suspicion of common assault after a fight.


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