Britain to be hit with -10C deep freeze as snow warning issued

After motorists being stranded in seven-hour tailbacks on the M62 and widespread school closures, people might have been hoping for an end to the snow chaos this weekend.

But a former BBC and Met Office meteorologist has warned the worst could be yet to come with the outlook remaining bleak over the next couple of days for anybody longing for an end to the Arctic blast that has engulfed the UK this week.

Speaking on Talk TV to Jeremy Kyle, weather presenter Clare Nasir predicted that the bracing wintry weather "is not over yet".

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She added that the nation should expect "some pretty horrible weather and some disruption on the road" over the weekend after temperatures once more plummeted as low as -10C in some regions of the country overnight.

The Met Office has issued several yellow weather warnings for snow and ice as the deep freeze continues well into the weekend.

The warnings cover large parts of northern England, as well as Scotland, and run until 10am this morning (March 11).

However, hours after this weather system clears, it will be replaced by another low-pressure system, leading to further yellow snow and ice warnings for much of northern England and Scotland from 3pm on Saturday to 6am on Sunday.

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Delivering his forecast for the weekend, Met Office chief forecaster Jason Kelly pointed out that an injection of warm air from the South West would not necessarily bring an end to the snow fall.

"During the early hours of Saturday a weather front will bring warmer air in from the South West to extend across most parts of the UK during Sunday," he explained.

"As we have seen over the last few days, the influence of this warm and moist air from the South West will bump into the cold air bringing a risk of further snowfall on the leading edge for a time.

"However, it will also bring heavy rainfall for many as it moves across the UK. This could bring transient snow for an hour or two to areas like Northern Ireland and North Wales before extending into the higher elevations of northern England and Scotland."


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