Britain should brace for invasion of deadly Asian hornets after 22 nests found

Beekeepers fear Britain could be hit by an invasion of deadly Asian hornets.

The giant insects, whose sting which can kill humans, have been seen in Folkestone, Kent. It comes after 22 of their nests were discovered in the Channel Islands.

Sue Kittle, of the Dover and District Beekeeping Association, said: “This is an invasive species that can attack and eat our honey bees. It can change the whole nature of the bee hives here.

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"We need to track them down and find out if this sighting is the beginning of a nest."

It is thought the UK could see record numbers of the insects this year and they could kill off the nation’s honeybees which are essential for pollinating plants and crops.

The hornets, thought to have come over from France, can consume a hive of 30,000 honey bees in just a few hours – eating 50 individuals a day each.

Last year, a woman found a huge Asian Hornet nest resting above the urinals in a toilet at an activity centre.

The volunteer hornet hunter had been on a search for the dangerous insect in Jersey when she stumbled across the horrifying find at the former Tamba Park activity centre.

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The monster nest found in Jersey was on the verge of emitting Queens that would go on to form more colonies.

In January it was reported that Asian hornets will be fitted with tiny radios so scientists can find their nests and destroy them.

The project by Defra and the University of Exeter – which received funding of just over £630,000 – aims to halt the spread of “murder hornets” across Britain.

Dr Peter Kennedy said: “The first hornet we caught was large – well capable of carrying one of our radio tags – and flew straight from view.

“We were able to use our radio telemetry to follow the hornet, and within a couple of hours we spotted the nest in one of these trees.”

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