Brit stunner sets eating record by demolishing 4 KFC meals in less than 12 mins

A Brit competitive eater devoured four KFC meals in under 12 minutes, setting a new personal record.

Leah Shutkever managed to see off an impressive five KFC box meals in just 23 minutes back in 2017 but has now managed to best even that.

The 31-year-old, who has dubbed the challenge ‘Every KFC Box Meal Challenge’, stayed cool, calm, and collected as she gorged on 4,000 calories worth of food while on the clock.

Each of the four box meals came complete with two chicken dishes, two sides, and a dip, with Leah feasting on favourites such as popcorn chicken, burgers, twister wraps, and fries.

Leah found the fries to be underwhelming, despite putting away four portions of them, and, controversially, described the chain's beloved gravy as 'overrated'. However, she did enjoy the hot wings.

The foodie, who lives in Redditch, Worcestershire, has since shared her latest chicken feat on her popular YouTube channel, where the video has clocked up more than 70,000 views in less than a week.

One admiring fan applauded: "Loved watching!! Fries or chips are so hard to get down in that quantity."

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Another approved: "Absolutely nailed it, well done. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. And yes, can’t go past those hot wings."

Leah currently holds the world record for the highest number of chicken nuggets devoured in one minute, munching down 19 in just one minute earlier this year.

Her other fast-eating accolades include her 2019 record for the fastest time to eat three mince pies (an incredible 52.21 seconds).

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She also holds records for eating a muffin in just 21.95 seconds, and for demolishing the most marshmallows in a minute by eating 20.

Leah managed to achieve both her marshmallow and muffin records without even using her hands.

On top of this, Leah was able to chomp down three pickled eggs in a record-breaking 7.80 seconds back in 2019 and, in 2020, gobbled down eight tomatoes in one minute.

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