Brit holidaying in Afghanistan slammed for buying rug showing 9/11 attacks

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A barmy Brit who visited Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover last year is back in the country and has bought an insensitive rug depicting the 9/11 attacks.

Miles Routledge, a former physics student at Loughborough University, said he settled on Afghanistan last summer after Googling "most dangerous countries to visit" and picking the top entry.

The 23-year-old from Birmingham has been to the country three times now, and appears to have developed an affinity with the the Taliban.

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He has been snapped "having tea" with the Islamic fundamentalist group that has taken over Afghanistan and has been accused of war crimes, whittling down women's rights and of extrajudicial killings.

He boasted on Twitter yesterday (Tuesday, August 9): "I am officially Afghanistan's largest exporter to England. 150+ flags, patches and rugs."

Attached to his post were a serious of photos of the goods, which he intends to sell, including one of a small yellow rug depicting two airplanes smashing into the World Trade Centre.

The attacks, on September 11, 2001, were carried out by al-Qaeda, the multinational terrorist network set up by Osama Bin Laden, which is known to have a close relationship with the Taliban.

The co-ordinated attacks across four locations in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania claimed 2,977 victims.

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Of the dead, 2,753 were killed in the World Trade Center and the surrounding area.

When asked by the Daily Star what he would say to those who call the rug insensitive, Mr Routledge said: "I'd simply ask them to reach out so I can help them get the visa to Afghanistan so they can complain to the Taliban in person."

He claimed it doesn't glorify the attack because it was made "by Afghan women to tell a story of a historical event."

"Hundreds of American soldiers who signed up to the military because of 9/11 have this rug in their homes," he added.

The rug appears to have a dove flying between a US and Afghan flag, but also has the words 'the errors mere made in America' [sic] stitched in.

"That 9/11 rug is so bizarre considering the Taliban wasn’t involved in it," pointed out one person on Twitter. Another said: "What is that f****** 9/11 rug? They're proud of it? Even though they didn't do it…"

A third person responded: "I think it’s more of a homage/reflection on the experiences of war. No sane person would support the 9/11 attacks or the Afghan war."

Another person asked: "Serious question, how does the British customs react when they see this? I would love to see their reaction."

Miles has previously been accused of "getting way too comfy" with the Taliban.

After he returned from his second visit to the country in May, where he blagged his way onto an Afghan news channel, one online critic wrote: "You're getting way too comfy with those people."

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Under a post where Miles announced his return home, one commenter told Miles: "I hope you get jailed."

"Don't worry, you're under surveillance," another said, after Miles stated that he found it strange that his airport experience was "normal" with no special checks on him.

According to Amnesty International, the Taliban commit war crimes by targeting civilians, including killing teachers, abducting aid workers and burning school buildings.

However, Miles still thinks they're "kind blokes" because he "had tea" with the fighters after accidentally strolling into their compound in April.


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