Brit farmers to save our bacon if mutant Covid fears force UK pork shortage

'Mink-Covid' fears could force a bacon shortage in Britain if Danish goods are banned.

Pig farmers in the UK are reportedly planning on stepping up to the plate if further restrictions are placed on imports from Denmark due to a mutated strain of coronavirus.

Millions of mink farmed in the Scandinavian nation have been subjected to a mass culling by the Danish government after it was found they could spread the virus to humans.

A quarter of all pork products sold in Britain, come from Denmark but must currently arrive in the country only via ferry on “unaccompanied” trailers.

Drivers from Denmark will be turned away by border control according to the travel ban imposed by ministers over the weekend.

Industry sources told The Sun they were “assessing the situation," as a further ban could lead to a shortage.

But Denis Lynn from Finnebrogue Artisan – which makes Britain’s biggest bacon brand Naked Bacon said they were prepared for an influx in demand.

He said: “Our nitrite-free Naked Bacon is made using pork from the British Isles.

“Our sales are up 70 per cent this year and we have kept the supermarket shelves stocked throughout the pandemic.

“We are prepared to meet additional demand if our competitors’ pork supply from Denmark is disrupted.”

Rod McKenzie, managing director of policy at the Road Haulage Association, said the latest restrictions were "significant and unique.”

He warned that if the restrictions continue for a "long time" there could be "a potential disruption to bacon supplies in the UK."

Meanwhile, Logistics UK, a freight trade body, said the industry was "agile" so "importers can switch between transport modes to ensure that products still arrive".

In a statement it added: "Much of the ferry transport between the UK and Denmark is sent in unaccompanied trailers, so drivers simply collect their loads from ports, with no need to travel across the border.

"The industry will continue to maintain high levels of vigilance and follow all necessary health protocols to protect the UK."

Action to prevent an outbreak of Mink-related Covid in Britain will be constantly under review by the government.

A No10 spokesman said: "We will keep our response under constant review but the purpose of these measures is a precautionary step to safeguard public health… There is no evidence to suggest that this new strain is currently in the UK."

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