Brit coronavirus survivor issues urgent plea after ’scary’ brush with disease

A coronavirus survivor has issued an urgent plea to Brits after he battled the killer disease that left him struggling to breathe.

The Londoner, who did not give his name, said he overcame the virus’s worst about a week after he started to suffer symptoms.

While he didn’t have many symptoms, the man described his breathing difficulties as “scary”.

Taking to Reddit, the 44-year-old said: “It started with a burning sensation in my lower chest and a very slight dry cough. Within 24 hours the cough was more persistent but still only a few coughs per hour.

“Over the net three days I could feel I wasn’t getting enough air, I could breathe in huge lungfuls with no issue, I just wasn’t getting oxygen.”

He added: “Climbing stairs was almost impossible. I’m a keen cyclist and exercise daily so this was quite alarming.

“The only way I can describe it is it’s like being on a mountain at above 13,000ft for a week but never acclimatising – all while suffering from a bug that makes you tired and run down.”

By the fifth day, the the man said he started to gasp for air and even considered calling an ambulance as he started to feel “giddy” and his “hands and feet were tingling”.

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He continued: “I could hear rattling in my chest and had a permanent ache across my across my rib cage. I had to lie completely still as any movement made me lightheaded.”

The symptoms eased off by the eighth day, according to the commenter, and he was back to breathing normally and started to cough a lot less.

But, the writer had a stark warning for people who were still going to the pub – despite the Government issuing pleas for people to stay away.

Instead, Brit boozers have visited drive-thru beer and gin stands to pick up their alcohol.

He continued: “My takeaway from all this is do everything you can to slow the spread of the virus.

“Friends tell me some bars around here are still full. Elderly neighbours are still going out shopping. Kids are playing in the parks.

“We must stay away from each other and put our households in quarantine the moment we suspect someone has symptoms.

“Many, many people may beed to be hospitalised and the NHS won’t cope.”

There are fears the UK is just weeks away from a situation as grave as in Italy where coronavirus sufferers were seen gasping for breath in “plastic bubble” helmets.

The horrifying scenes from Bergamo hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in Italy showed patients zipped into “plastic helmets” as frantic medics dashed between them.

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