Bride murderer’s ex tried turn to warn his next wife before he killed her

The ex-girlfriend of bride murderer Thomas Nutt warned his new partner that her life could be in danger due to him being a "psychopath" with a "deep hatred of women".

Sadly, Kimberley Allcock could not persuade a scared Dawn Walker to leave him, reports The Mirror.

Just hours after the pair got married last October, Dawn, 52, was then battered and strangled by Nutt, who stuffed her dead body in a kitchen cupboard at their Halifax home.

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He subsequently went alone to Skegness for a fake honeymoon before returning to cram the body in a suitcase and hide it in bushes, where it was found by a neighbour.

Dawn had previously contacted Kimberley, 41, on Facebook to ask why she had taken a restraining order out on Nutt.

After giving evidence at his murder trial, Kimberley told the Sunday People: "The way he behaved with Dawn was the same as with me but one woman survived and one didn’t. I was lucky.

"I told Dawn everything he had done and told her to request information about him from the police. The last message I sent to her was ‘Are you OK?’. She didn’t reply because he had blocked me from her account."

Nutt, 45, was found guilty of murder at Bradford Crown Court on Wednesday.

Mum-of-six Kimberley, a community care worker, lived with him for 10 years.

They have three children together and met at a travelling fairground where he worked as a ride operator on the waltzers.

In 2007, two days after she gave birth to their son, Nutt punching her repeatedly in the face in an argument over what to call the child.

"I thought he was going to kill me," she admitted.

He also took her phone away and locked her up so she could not call the police.

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When she was pregnant with their second child – a daughter – he then threw the contents of a mop bucket, including bleach, over her head.

"He has a deep hatred of women," she said.

Of his final attack in February 2015, Kimberley recalled: "He dragged me out of bed and started to strangle me. I couldn’t breath, he was pressing hard on my windpipe. I managed to struggle free and run for my life.

"He started punching me in the head in front of our five-year-old daughter. She screamed and he stopped. If she’d not screamed, I’d be dead now.”

In desperation, Kimberley wrote "Help" on Facebook and a neighbour called police.

During the trial for that attack, Nutt torched Kimberley’s car, which set fire to the garage attached to the house where their three kids were asleep.

"He’s a psychopath," Kimberley declared.

A month after Dawn, a gran with three daughters, contacted Kimberley in July 2020, she told her that Nutt had nearly suffocated her to death, but she then dropped the assault charges.

Nutt, who admitted manslaughter but denied murder, claimed he lost his temper after Dawn told him she wanted a divorce hours after their wedding.


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