Boy, 10, rescues mum’s life for second time as she had seizure swimming in pool

Security camera footage has captured the incredible moment that a 10-year-old boy saved his mum from drowning as she had a seizure in the family swimming pool.

Gavin Keeney quickly rushed up a ladder and dived into the water after he saw his mother Lori convulsing in the backyard pool at their Oklahoma home in the US earlier this month, the Daily Mirror reports.

Remarkably, it was the second time he had come to his mother's rescue, having called 911 when she was choking on food last year.

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The Keeneys' dogs also alarmed Lori’s father, Stephen Lowe, who lives next door, and he too sprinted to help his daughter.

Speaking about the incident, Lori said: "I was told later that he never asked for help. My dad, who lives next door, heard the dogs barking and he ran out and jumped in as Gavin held me on the ladder and kept my head above water."

The proud mother posted the video on Facebook and described it as one of her "worst nightmares" coming to life.

She added: "I'm OK. I took in just a little water we think before Gavin got me. I can't believe I'm typing this. I CAN believe what I saw in Gavin, my little hero."

People have also congratulated Gavin on his quick thinking, with one person writing: "God bless him – moral support for the hero by the dog too." 

Another said: "Well done, this young man is amazing and handled stress like a champ!"

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In May 2021, Gavin saved his mum when she choked on a chip and he was forced to attempt the Heimlich manoeuvre. 

However, he was not strong enough to clear Lori's airways and instead rapidly called 911.

Recalling the way Gavin guided firefighters to his mother, who was gasping for air, Enos Volunteer Fire Department Chief Joshua Gilette said: "She was still breathing, and we started the Heimlich manoeuvre. After about the third or fourth thrust, it came free."

Gavin's quick thinking that day earned him an honourary place in the Fire Department.

"He’s been through so much with me and my health and he handles it with such grace and maturity," his mum said of both incidents. "Proud isn't enough of a word!"


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