Boris Johnson could break No 10 convention with Trump backing in US election – expert

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Donald Trump is facing a huge battle to win a second term in the White House with many of the latest polls putting the US President behind against his Democrat rival Joe Biden Donald Trump has been a champion of Britain’s exit from the European Union and a post-Brexit trade deal with the US could be hanging in the balance if he suffers defeat.

Inderjeet Parmar, professor of International Politics at the City University London, describes Mr Johnson as a “close ally and even soulmate” of Mr Trump.

The former president of the British International Studies Association, said although UK prime ministers tend to remain neutral he has cited a number of historical examples of Number 10 endorsing a candidate.

Professor Parmar claimed former Conservative prime minister John Major “quietly helped” George H W Bush in the 1992 election against Bill Clinton.

He also cited Magaret Thatcher’s role in Ronald Reagan’s win against Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Walter F Mondale in 1984.

Professor Parmar said Mr Johnson “may be less than subtle” in his backing for Mr Trump this November.

Professor Inderjet Parmar told “Normally, British leaders stay silent on US elections – although I recall John Major quietly helped George H W Bush with ‘dirt’ on his 1992 opponent Bill Clinton.

“I think it came out at some point as a major embarrassment.

“And recently I recall reading somewhere that Major’s interference in 1992 was comparable in a way to alleged Russian support for Trump. But generally most Prime Ministers are neutral.

“However, Johnson is well known as a close ally and even soulmate of Trump’s so he may be less than subtle.

“This may have been true of Thatcher and Reagan in the 1980s.”

During his own pitch for the Tory leadership in June 2019, Mr Johnson made no secret of his admiration for Mr Trump and said the US President had “many, many good qualities”.

Mr Trump would go on an endorse Mr Johnson in the Tory leadership contest against Jeremy Hunt by insisted he would make an “excellent” leader.

Ahead of the 2019 December general election, Mr Johnson warned the US President against voicing public support for him amid fears the controversial leader could derail his campaign.

Instead during an interview with Nigel Farage on LBC in October, when the UK parliament was at a deadlock over Brexit and an election was looming, Mr Trump stated then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would be “so bad” for the country.


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Professor Parmar, ultimately expects the Prime Minister to stay neutral in the November US election.

He insists this is due to the “significance” of the UK/US relationship regardless of who is commander-in-chief.

He added: “Nevertheless, Boris Johnson is well aware of the significance in Britain’s global role of the US relationship – including trade, NATO, China, 5 eyes programme of intelligence sharing and cooperation, and rebuilding international institutions – so I would expect a studied neutrality on his part.”

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