Boris Johnson apologises for interrupting Cars 3 during Brexit announcement

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Boris Johnson has hailed the historic Brexit trade deal struck with EU – but apologised for interrupting Cars 3 on Christmas Eve.

The PM told the nation that the agreement reached with Brussels was a “good deal for the whole of Europe”.

At one point, he also told the conference: "I'm sorry for disturbing Cars 3 by the way."

The film, which was being broadcast on BBC One, was actually shown all the way through before they cut to the PM's speech.

One Twitter user said: "Boris thought they'd disrupted Cars 3 for his #BrexitDeal press conference, but they actually showed the full credits and bonus scene."

Another commented: "Genuinely very happy that someone at the BBC had to make the call between Cars 3 and Boris’ Brexit press conference and chose Cars 3."

A third added: "Say what you want about Boris Johnson and his Brexit deal, but at least he's aware of what matters to The People."

A parliamentary vote is due to be held on the deal on December 30.

Asked whether people could trust that life would be better as a result of the deal, the PM responded: "Short-term, yes, there are things we have to get right, processes maybe people have to do, that they need to be aware of.

"I do believe the freedoms this treaty wins us – basically a new independence from the EU – are worth having."

He added: "I would just say to people watching this – and I'm sorry for disturbing Cars 3 by the way – it's one thing to get freedom, winning freedom is a fantastic thing.

"But it's how we use it, how we make the most of it. That's what's going to matter in the months and years to come.

"I have no doubt we can do fantastic things with this treaty, with this new relationship which I think will be stable and prosperous for both sides."

David Cameron and Theresa May congratulated the negotiating teams on helping to end the year with some "positive news".

Mr Cameron, who called the referendum on leaving the European Union, tweeted: "It's good to end a difficult year with some positive news.

"Trade deal is very welcome – and a vital step in building a new relationship with the EU as friends, neighbours and partners.

"Many congratulations to the UK negotiating team."

Mrs May added: "Very welcome news that the UK & EU have reached agreement on the terms of a deal – one that provides confidence to business and helps keep trade flowing.

"Looking forward to seeing the detail in the coming days."

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