Boozy Brits new Magaluf resort with skimpy outfit fines and after dark risk

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    As popular European party destinations like Magaluf and Amsterdam snub wild Brits a new, farflung destination is becoming ever popular – but it is not without risks.

    Daily Star reported yesterday (April 3) how fun-loving tourists are now heading for Tanzania after favourite hotspots go upmarket and seek to deter Brits.

    And after learning parts of the west African country, including the "new Magaluf" island of Zanzibar, boast 30C weather every day and 84p pints – Brits could easily be sold.

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    Tourism chiefs want to boost UK visitors from 77,000 a year to nearly 150,000 as their more-established counterparts try to shut their doors to Brits.

    Islands like Zanzibar have been voted the "best value sunny destination" in the world boasting 12.06 hours a day during the winter – 33% more than Ibiza.

    Beer is less than a quid a pint, a meal for two costs £4.16 and a holiday apartment is just £50 a week.

    If the white sandy beaches, sun and booze are calling your name, then travel blogger WhereTianaTravels warns there are some things not to do.

    She says the main mistake is wearing revealing clothing, noting that Tanzania is a conservative Muslim country. So, short shorts and skimpy clothes are a no-go.

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    Brits could even be fined if they’re found to be dressed inappropriately, so Tiana says stick to loose-fitting items that cover your chest, stomach and legs.

    Tourists have also been warned not to venture out of the resorts alone after dark following several cases of muggings and attacks.

    Brits should also avoid swimming after dark and leaving their belongings unattended at any point for the same reason.

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    The British High Commission continues to receive regular reports of British nationals who are the victims of mugging and bag snatching –especially by passing cars or motorbikes.

    The UK government also warned that armed robbery and burglary have increased throughout the country, citing a case where a Brit was forced to withdraw cash at gun point and said tourists should not resist is they are attacked.

    Brits should also be cautious when using taxi services, as the Foreign Office says travellers should never accept lifts from individuals, unlicensed taxis, or app-based services. Instead have travel organised through establishments like hotels.

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    The travel bloggers WhereTianaTravels also advised one ‘mistake’ that most Brits who venture abroad will be familiar with. Don’t drink the tap water or you may end up worse for wear.

    But her next tip could have some revellers rethinking their holiday plans, the alcohol. While on mainland Tanzania, alcohol is sold in bars, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets – with some places boasting 84p pints.

    Zanzibar is known as a “dry country” so you won’t be able to buy any in shops, and some smaller Muslim-owned restaurants may not offer booze.

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    But larger hotels and restaurants in Zanzibar town will have a range of wines, beers, and spirits on offer – and at a bargain price.

    Tiana also warns never to take pictures of people without their permission during your stay. It is considered rude and disrespectful, and she claims in the most extreme cases you could be asked to leave the country.

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