Boozy Brits down an average of 501 pints every year – almost double NHS limit

Boozy Brits sup 501 pints of beer every year, a study has found.

Researchers found that the average adult sups just over 10.4 litres of pure alcohol every year.

When converted to beer, one litre of pure alcohol is the equivalent to 48 pints of 4% ABV strength lager or beer, meaning drinkers who stick to beer and lager quaff 501 pints every year.

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That works out at just under 10 pints-a-week, with each pint notching up 2.3 units – taking a weekly total to 23 units.

The NHS recommends that you don’t drink over six pints of beer-a-week, just 14 units – that’s 312 pints-a-year.

A poll of 2,000 people found that it was Scots who topped the table when it came to beer drinking, with the average Scot knocking back just under 12 litres of pure alcohol per person.

That works out at 576 pints-a-year, with only the south east of England getting close, with 11.2-litres of pure alcohol, or 538 pints of beer or lager sunk each year.

Compared to the rest of the world, England sits outside the top 20 beer drinkers, but Ireland and Scotland made it into the top 10.

Bosses at the Devon-based Salcombe Brewery Co, which make a range of lagers, ales and ciders, say its new beer – an India Pale Ale called Atlas – is one worthy of the recommended 312 pints-a-year.

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Hops from Australia, American and the UK are the used create the IPAs unique flavour, said to be a ‘fruity ale with flavours of peach, blueberry and papaya’.

Head Brewer, Sam Beaman, said: “Atlas showcases a combination of hops from across the globe, featuring British, US and Australian varieties.

“When it came to naming our new beer we took inspiration from the many maritime explorations and adventures that have set off from Devon, across the Atlantic, and returned with exotic ingredients.

“Atlas is the Greek god after whom the Atlantic is named., and is definitely worth trying out.”

Launching this month, the IPA – which has an ABV of 4% – will be on taps in select pubs across the UK and available to buy in shops and online at


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