Bookies to suspend betting on Lord Lucan being found alive, expert claims

Bookmakers will almost certainly "suspend betting on Lord Lucan being found alive after facial recognition technology ruled he and an OAP in Australia were the same individual."

Former William Hill PR guru Rupert Adams, now operating as The Posh Pundit, said the betting industry always had a sneaking suspicion the runaway aristo would turn up alive.

Eton-educated Lucan vanished in 1974 after 29-year-old nanny Sandra Rivett, who worked for him, was bludgeoned to death with a lead pipe in his Belgravia, London, home.

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His disappearance without a trace captured the public imagination and led to decades of speculation about his fate.

Now an 87-year-old Brit pensioner living as a Buddhist in Brisbane has been identified by a computer algorithm as the missing Earl – who would be the same age.

Computer scientist Professor Hassan Ugail used an artificial intelligence algorithm to run 4,000 cross-checks of seven photos – four of Lucan and three of the mystery pensioner.

The Bradford University expert said the algorithm is never wrong’ and a match for the Oz OAP.

Rupert said: "We offered odds at the peak of 100-1 on him being found alive whereas Leicester were 5,000-1 to win the Premiership the year they did it.

"There was always a sneaking suspicion that he would turn up.

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"It will be too early for bookmakers to payout because they will require DNA evidence not this more modern facial recognition algorithm.

"But the markets will almost certainly be suspended.

"About a decade ago the odds went from 20-1 to around 6-1 that he would be found after a flurry of reports of a Brit matching his description hanging out in Africa.

"There was another episode before that of a bloke in India known as jungle Barry being him but it turned out he was some Northern folk singer.

"I vividly recall a significant number of bets on Lord Lucan being found alive.

"But we also took bets on Elvis Presley turning up. The proof on Elvis was if the FBI confirmed his existence.

"A further complication for those holding Lord Lucan to be found alive betting slips is the fact he was officially declared dead on February 3, 2016 in the UK.

"Major bookmakers in the UK like William Hill and Ladbrokes will have bets going back decades on Lord Lucan being found alive.

"It's alongside Elvis being found, the Loch Ness Monster being confirmed and the other lot of bizarre bets on the Moon Landing being a hoax.

"Some people laughed when the bets were placed but Lord Lucan being found alive was always the shortest of the lot.

"If the DNA evidence is established and he's brought back to Britain to face justice then that will open the doors for bets to be paid out.’"

Professor Ugail said according to the algorithm Lord Lucan and the pensioner were the same individual or someone who looks extremely like them like identical twins.

"This is science and mathematical fact.

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"You can’t cheat the algorithm."

In 2018 he helped unmask the two Russian agents responsible for poisoning the former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, Wilts.

He has also identified three suspects linked to the killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018 and helped to uncover an alleged Nazi war criminal last year. Professor Ugail claimed his algorithm has never been wrong.

It will analyse two photos and provide a similarity index or percentage likelihood of a match.

Anything above 75% is considered to be either the same individual or someone who looks identical to them because the different way images are taken and their pixel compilation means a 100% match is impossible.

For all the pictures comparing Lord Lucan to the OAP the similarity index was above 75% and in most cases over 80%.

Professor Ugail said: "It’s a very, very detailed way of analysing an image which goes far deeper than what the human eye can see.’’

Ms Rivett’s son Neil, who has spent years trying to establish the whereabouts of the man an inquest jury concluded in 1975 was responsible for his mum’s death, has called on police to act. "This isn’t emotion – it’s fact," he said.


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