Bloke went full Breaking Bad and became dealer overnight with £3k street haul

A man has been jailed after finding a huge stash of class A drugs and going full Breaking Bad Heisenberg by becoming a drug dealer overnight.

Shaheim Saunders told police that he “stumbled” upon £3,000s worth of heroin, cocaine and a knife while walking down a Birmingham street.

But rather than hand them into the police, he randomly decided to get on a train to Loughborough and attempt to sell them.

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And he nearly succeeded – getting rid of £1,365s worth before police arrived, Leicestershire Live reports.

They had actually turned up to search the house as a result of a totally unconnected crime.

Having completed a search, despite Saunders attempting to flee, he was found with the cash he had made, 91 wraps of the drugs and a knife on November 26, 2020.

He was given a two year and five month jail term at Leicester Crown Court after admitting possessing heroin and cocaine with intent to supply, as well as possession of the knife, and having £1,365 of criminal cash.

Sentencing, Recorder Cameron Crowe said: “You decided to spontaneously become a drug dealer in Loughborough, having found the drugs and a knife in Birmingham.

“You chose to become a drug dealer and arm yourself and make money selling drugs – this was your operation.

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“Your family and girlfriend, who's expecting your child, are in court to support you."

It was also revealed that Saunders had gone on the run for seven months, having skipped bail.

Natalie Goffe, mitigating said: “He'd been sofa surfing at the time and these matters are two years old, when he was 20. He's moved on significantly in his life since then."

Miss Goffe said the time spent on remand in custody had enabled him to “think about the future”, and that he went on the run because he was “scared about going to prison”.

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