Bloke spots Donald Trump’s face staring back at him on steak he slapped on BBQ

This meaty treat looks like it’s trying make America steak again after the face of Donald Trump was spotted in it.

Pensioner Sten Flygare did a double take when he slapped it on the BBQ and spotted the former US President’s likeness staring back at him.

A striking image of the presidential-like pork shows a clearly-defined head, eyes, pouting lips and even his trademark bouffant.

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It was even dressed in an orange paprika marinade, which the 68-year-old retired art worker likened to Trump’s famous skin tone.

Sten, from Lidköping, Sweden, said: “I realised the steak looked like Trump when I put it on the grill and started seasoning it with pepper.

“It was looking at me and I thought ‘what the hell? It’s Trump’.

“The shape of the face, the small mouth and not least, the white fat that forms the hairstyle – everything made it look like him."

After taking a quick snap the Trump look-alike was cooked and scoffed at a family barbeque in July with Sten adding: “It tasted very good actually.”

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Trump himself famously likes his steak well done. According to reports in 2017, he ordered a well done steak with ketchup when dining at the BLT Prime Steakhouse inside Trump Tower in Washington, DC.

Nathan Evans, London Operations Director at transatlantic steakhouse chain Smith & Wollensky, said at the time that it was surprising that Trump ordered well done meat.

“It’s really surprising that Trump likes well done steak,” he said. “Guys just don’t generally order steak well done.”

Evans added that he believes alpha males are more likely to order a rare steak as a show of bravado to impress people.

But Trump, no. “It would rock on the plate, it was so well done” is how Trump’s butler described his preferred steak to the New York Times.

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