Bloke runs in penis shapes trying to get fit – leaving rude-looking route on app

A self-proclaimed 'fat bloke' trying to get fit left people in hysterics after running in "penis shapes" leaving rude-looking routes on an app.

The unidentified man was hailed legend by others after posting his route proudly on Reddit.

The screenshot of the maps showing his phallic routes was captioned: "I've recently been running in penis shapes round Welwyn Garden City.

"Just incase you see a fat bloke puffing and giggling to himself, it'll be me."

The maps show three different routes resembling what appears to be a penis.

One Reddit commenter said: "You have made my day."

Another said: "I laughed so hard at this I should be ashamed."

A third chimed in and said: "Not all heroes wear capes."

The hilarious post had initially been uploaded onto Facebook and picked up by someone on Reddit.

It has been captioned: "Spotted on Facebook, envious of this person’s creative fitness regime."

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The viral post has so far received 195 comments.

In 2019 it was reported a woman gained 50,000 social media followers after creating penis-shapes with her running route.

Claire Pisano, 33, from New Jersey rose to prominence after posting her daily job routes on Instagram.

Her Instagram handle was "Dick-run Claire" – she had unknowingly run on a route shaped like a penis in November 2015 when she first started.

She said: "The first d*** run was a total accident at first. My brother had moved and I was visiting him. I went for a run and took a wrong turn.

"When I got back, I realised what I had accidentally drawn. From what I hear, most d***runners start out this way. Obviously my friends thought it was funny so I kept it up," reports Mail Online

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