Bloke obsessed with 90s transforms home into time warp – including VHS player

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A 23-year-old man obsessed with the 1990s has transformed his house into a time warp, paying tribute to his favourite decade.

Jack Walters has spent £5,000 decorating his house with items he’s found on eBay, old Ikea furniture, VHS players, telephone alarm clocks and even a bulky old laptop that runs Windows '95.

He has also spent hours scouring through charity shops looking for bargains that fit with his 90s style, the Daily Mirror reports.

Jack's love of the 90s comes from his aim of recreating the "cosiness" of his parents' house from when he was a kid.

For entertainment, Jack favours 90s classic TV like Absolutely Fabulous and The Vicar of Dibley, and when he listens to music he puts on cassette tapes of Now That's What I Call albums from the decade.

The illustrator, from Bakewell in Derbyshire, said: "I never really enjoyed modern decorating with all the greys. It didn't have the homey quality, and I wanted to replicate that. When we moved into this current house two years ago, it was super bland and white."

That's when he started snooping on eBay for 90s-style furniture and accessories.

He said: "The most expensive item I've probably brought is my 1980s television in my living room. That was £155. Not that expensive really, but for an old TV, people think I'm mad. A friend told me I probably could have gotten one from the tip.

"My favourite item is probably my radio-alarm clock-telephone. It's very mundane, but I always feel a bit glam taking calls from my bedroom."

Thinking others might like to see his nostalgic home, Jack took to TikTok to share clips of the interior.

He said: "I had a lot of people saying they remembered a lot of the items in my house, and that they feel the same way about the 90s. There was a nice feel to it too, knowing that I'm not a weird person and other people enjoy this stuff too.”

Although he loves his retro decor, Jack admits it divides opinion among visitors.

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He said: "There'll be some people who get nostalgic and remember things from my house from living through the 1990s.

"Then you get people like my niece. She's only young so it's all new to her and she didn't believe that my phone or telephone worked. I had to explain to her what a VHS was.

"And I get some people who walk in and don't get it at all. They think I'm mad, and they'll ask why I'm not enjoying what we have now."

Jack argues the way he lives is much cheaper and everything in his house "has a story".

Whereas he has received funny looks in the past for donning 90s outfits, as old fashion styles have come back around people have become more accepting.

He said: "Nowadays, being different is embraced and celebrated a lot more. I don't feel like an outsider so much anymore.

"There's definitely a lot of people online who share my interests. I even met a mate online who has a house that is completely 70s."

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