Bloke nearly binned second jackpot lottery ticket in two months before win

Many of us dream of winning the lottery once in our lives, but one man has been lucky to do it twice in a matter of weeks.

The lucky bloke, who has scooped up two lottery jackpots in less than two months, confessed he nearly binned his second winning ticket after believing he didn't have "the tiniest sliver" of a chance of winning the prize.

He says he's taken home more than $1,000,000 (£807,330) from a state lottery in Maryland, US, over the past decade, including his two most recent wins worth $50,000 (£40,359) each.

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But in an anonymous statement following his historic win, he said he nearly missed out on his most recent jackpot after he nearly threw the ticket "into the can" before realising he was holding the winning numbers.

He said he bought three scratch cards from a newsagent in Maryland, US, and the first two came up with nothing.

"I was about to drop the third – the $50,000 cash ticket – into the can when I saw the message on the scanner," he said.

"I thought maybe I’d won $5,000. Having won the game’s top prize just last month, there wasn’t the tiniest sliver of a thought that it’d be $50,000."

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The man said he'd purchased the tickets that bagged him both wins for $20 (£16.16) while over the border from Pennsylvania, where he lives, to do some construction work.

"I buy a ticket or two at least once a week, either at home or down here [in Maryland]," he confessed.

"All my lottery luck seems to be in Maryland, however."

The man added he plans to put the winnings toward his savings.

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