Bloke lives in toilet after he was born in loo – mum thought it would bring luck

A man who was born in a toilet for "good luck" moved into a giant bog in the hopes of "resolving life's problems".

Sim Jae-Duck, the late mayor of Suwon in South Korea, built the unusual home in 2007 after his mum decided giving birth to him in a loo.

She reportedly thought the move would bring her baby happiness and success, with Sim – nicknamed Mr Toilet for his strange connection to lavatories – later deciding to echo the belief system and choosing to live his entire life in an oversized WC.

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The bizarre abode was named Haewoojae, meaning a "retreat where one could resolve one's life's problems".

The two-storey home was designed by architect Go Gi-Wong and the politician moved in after ditching his former residence of 30 years.

Boasting 4,508sqft, the large loo features two bedrooms, multiple living rooms and, of course, three bathrooms with the latest cutting-edge toilet tech including seat lids that open and close automatically.

There is also a private rooftop area which can be accessed via a staircase shaped to look like a toilet drain.

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It's eco friendly too, with solar panels installed to help reduce its carbon footprint. The house even treats its own waste water and uses rainwater collected from the roof to flush the bogs throughout the property.

Mr Toilet spared no expense on the property, shelling out a whopping £1.6million on the unique build.

And his love of lavatories doesn't stop there – Sim has launched a number of other projects all about bathrooms.

His passion spurred him to write a book titled Happy to be with you, Toilet!

His passion for privies even went so far he founded the World Toilet Association, which has helped more than 2.6 billion people without proper bathrooms at home access clean and effective sanitation systems.

Sim tragically passed away in 2009 at home, possibly making him the only person in history to be born, live in and die in a loo.

Following his death the huge toilet was turned into a museum before being converted into a theme park, branded the "world's first toilet theme park".

Tourists can even stay in the giant loo – but be warned, it will set you back close to £40,000 for just one night.

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