‘Big Brother’ Germany houseguests to find out about coronavirus on live TV

Members of the Big Brother Germany household are in for a surprise on Tuesday when they find out about the novel coronavirus outbreak for the first time.

The contestants have been living in the house, disconnected from the outside world, since Feb. 6.

As such, they had no idea what was happening outside the four walls of their home in Cologne — not even about COVID-19. When they first moved in, cases were only located in China.

The show’s host, Jochen Schropp, and physician Andreas Kaniewski will be speaking to the contestants during a live special, Variety reports. The talk will follow a “consultation with relatives.”

Broadcaster Sat.1 came under fire on social media for keeping the 14 men and women in the dark over the virus that has since overtaken the globe.

Furthermore, four new residents, according to BBC, joined the show on March 9 and were told not to talk about the coronavirus.

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