BBC Weather: Warm front brings end to bitter conditions after ‘coldest night of the year’

BBC Weather forecasts warmer conditions across UK

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BBC Weather’s Sarah Keith-Lucas highs of 10C on Monday after the mercury fell to almost -9C overnight. The Met Office issues two yellow ice warnings – one across eastern parts of Scotland and another stretching from the northeast of England down to the south coast – from Sunday afternoon. She said: “It was really cold out there last night. It was the coldest night of the season.

“Temperatures got down to -8.7C in Cumbria, almost -9C. It was a sub-zero start to the day.

“Definitely some ice and frost around this morning, some of us have got that lying snow as well.

“In the south, things are remaining quite cold and dry today but from the north we’ve got rain arriving and with the rain some milder air as well.

“There is a warm front moving its way in today.

“We’re looking at about 10C for Glasgow this afternoon.

“Into the evening, the cloud continues its progress across the UK. With more cloud around and patchy outbreaks, it certainly won’t be as cold as last night.

“A spell of wetter and windier weather as we move through Tuesday particular overnight and into Wednesday as that low pressure shifts its way across the UK.”

It comes after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc across much of the UK, bringing strong winds, sleet and snow.

Weather: Red warning issued as storm Arwen brings 90mph winds

Met Office forecaster Tom Morgan told the PA news agency: “As Storm Arwen is clearing out to Europe, a cold northerly flow of wind has been left behind in the UK, causing some of the bitterly cold temperatures we’ve seen.

“There is set to be further wintry weather on Sunday, with snow expected to fall across areas in Scotland and northern England, and even in parts of southern and central England.

“Parts of Scotland and northern England, where snow is on the ground, will be very cold again tonight, with the temperature certainly falling below zero and even as low as minus 10C (14F), which would make it the coldest night of the season so far.

“Though this is expected to be the exception rather than the rule, temperatures of below freezing will be widespread, including in London and the South East which could hit minus 2C (28.4F).


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“Even if you do live in a city, you can expect to be scraping frost, ice or even snow off your cars on Monday morning.”

Mr Morgan added that, although frost will also be seen in Wales and Northern Ireland, temperatures there will not fall as low as England and Scotland.

A cold weather alert was issued by the UK Health Security Agency on Friday, remaining in place until Monday, prompting advice to people to try to stay warm and look out for those most at risk from the effects of the chilly conditions such as the elderly and anyone with heart and lung problems.

Mr Morgan said this is due to an “Arctic shot” which has moved south across the UK.

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