BBC Weather: Storm Evert to batter Britain with heavy rain and 60mph winds

Storm Evert: BBC Weather forecasts further wind and rain

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor warned that Britain could see some powerful gales and heavy rain on Friday. He said that Storm Evert will continue from the southwest of the UK and move to the east. Not everywhere is expected to be heavily impacted by the storm, however.

He noted that parts of Northern Ireland and the majority of Scotland will remain dry.

Mr Taylor said: “It was a bit of a wild night for some in the southwest of England thanks to Storm Evert.

“It is an unusual summer storm, you can see the cloud wrapped around this circulation here.

“It is here, in the southern edge, where the strongest of the winds have been.

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“The storm will be pushing itself eastwards in the next few hours.

“We will see some of the strongest winds through the English Channel and the southwest of England.

“Things will be around 40mph, 50mph maybe even 60mph gusts are possible for a time.

“There will be bands of rain wrapped around it, more persistent across some parts of northern England and the midlands too.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster noted that in addition to the rain and strong winds there were chances of thunderstorms as well.

He continued: “There could be a rumble of thunder with sunshine and showers across the south as we go through the day.

“A few heavy showers for the west of Northern Ireland but much of Scotland will remain dry.

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“It will be fairly cloudy in the north with some patchy rain as well.”

Temperatures are expected to be disappointing for the time of the year according to Mr Taylor.

Across the UK on Friday the highest temperature is set to be 20C in London, Cardiff, and Glasgow.

While the lowest is expected to be 15C in Stornoway.

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