Barmaid brutally headbutted woman who mocked her Britney Spears karaoke

A barmaid headbutted a stranger she suspected of making fun of her while she sang the Britney Spears tune ''Hit Me Baby One More Time'' during a drunken karaoke session.

Leanne Ogden, 41, believed victim Nicola Bland had ''made comments'' about her to friends while she blasted the hit song at a birthday party at St Basil's Club in Widnes, Cheshire, on October 9 of last year.

As Ogden wrapped up her rendition she approached Miss Bland in the smoking area and demanded: ''Have you got a problem?''

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The barmaid, who was "7/10 drunk", then battered the unsuspecting patron in the face, giving her a bloody nose, cuts, and swelling.

She had also tried to swing two punches at Miss Bland but missed.

The victim went to hospital but fortunately had no broken bones.

Ogden of admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Warrington Magistrates Court and was ordered to pay the victim £100 in compensation for the damages she had caused.

She must also pay £180 in costs and victim surcharge, and has been sentenced to a 12-month community order with 150 hours of unpaid work.

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Her lawyer Ian Weights said: "She had got on stage and was singing karaoke but as she came off stage she could see one of her friends 'having words' with someone.

''She asked her friend to sit down, however the friend said that the complainant had been talking about her. There was no connection between them but she says: 'Why is she saying these things about me?’.

"She describes herself as being seven out of 10 in terms of being drunk.

"A little later, the lady passed by and made some comments towards her and that is the reason why she went after her. They had a set-to.

“Apparently, it was over very quickly and immediately afterwards she was very upset.''

He added: ''It is always difficult when there has been a face-to-face confrontation to advise a client with absolute confidence. You are entitled to defend yourself. You are entitled to anticipate something was going to happen before it happened.

"But it is very difficult when people have been drinking. She is absolutely devastated by what happened. She was very upset after what happened as it is acknowledged in the prosecution evidence.

"People do not do these things for no reason whatsoever. Clearly, there has been some sort of incident that happened. Why else would you randomly assault someone?"

Earlier in the hearing, Rachel Bennion, prosecuting, said: “A confrontation had taken place in the smoking area between the victim and the defendant who headbutted the victim. Both had been drinking throughout the night attending a friend's birthday party.

Describing the damage, she continued: “The victim suffered minor cuts, swelling and a nosebleed. She went to hospital three days later after complaining of vomiting, but doctors said nothing had been broken. However, she said she had a bump on her nose which was not present beforehand.”

Ogden also told police in an interview that she had felt threatened by Miss Bland during the altercation.

“She admitted throwing two further punches at the complainant saying that she felt threatened,” the prosecutor added.

Ogden had previous convictions for assault, which took place after she discovered her partner had started a relationship with another woman behind her back.


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