Barbie toy firm launches TikTok hunt for £3,500 a week Chief Uno player

Barbie’s toymakers have launched a hunt for a top Uno player to help promote their smash-hit card game.

Toy firm Mattel, which bought the game in 1992, is hunting for a representative via social media, with applications opened via TikTok searching for an Uno grand master.

Executives have called for fans who can act as a “Chief Uno Player” out of the company’s New York headquarters, with the position starting in just one month.

All applicants have to do is play the company’s newest game, an Uno offshoot named Uno Quatro, four days a week.

And they can expect a pretty penny for just a few hours in the office every day, with a salary equivalent to a six-figure annual sum on the cards.

The advertised position asks people to play the game for four hours a day, four days a week.

The chief player will earn thousands every day during the 16 hours required from them, the application states.

Mattel has advertised pay by the week, with salaries set at $4,444.44 (£3,500) or $1,111.11 (£875.60) a day.

Per month, the position would net the future Uno chief $17,777.76 (£14,000.87) and per year, $213,333.12 (£168,010.50), but they won’t have the time to earn quite this much.

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The job only lasts four weeks, and while it may seem easygoing, it comes with a selection of requirements.

Applicants must reside in the US, be aged 18 or over, and help front Uno’s social media presence while challenging strangers to rounds of Uno Quatro.

They will also need to give interviews, “sit for long periods”, and “lift and carry 50lbs”.

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The chosen candidate will also have to help set up playing tables and tents on location, and thousands of people appear to be interested in applying.

The TikTok announcement has received 9,000 likes, with hundreds of people commenting below, but Mattel is yet to disclose exactly how many have applied so far.

Mattel global head of games Ray Adler said the Chief Uno player would bring “in-person gameplay to fans in a way they’ve never experienced before”.

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