Astrid Wett calls rival Love Island reject after laughing at boxing injuries

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett has hit back at AJ Bunker after she mocked her bruised face after her most recent boxing match.

In a venomous retaliation, Astrid labelled Bunker a “Love Island reject” and announced she’d be moving on to bigger fights that “people actually want to see” after her victory in the ring last week.

Astrid extended her record to 2-0 after beating Bunker on the judges’ decision with neither fighter able to secure a knockout – although both sustained visible fascial damage.

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In her TikTok post to fans, Astrid expressed her anger that Bunker had been “laughing at my face after fight night”.

She was responding to an original video from AJ where she mime-laughed into the camera with an overdubbed bloke laughing.

In the background, a blown-up picture of Astrid’s bruised face was shown with a small image of AJ in hysterics.

In her response video, Astrid said: “I actually respected you as well. Boxing isn’t won by injuries. It’s won by who fought better and who landed more, which I clearly did.

Then, landing the killer blow she added: “Get well soon tho I hope that hand heals well. I’ll be moving on to fights that people actually want to see, not against Love Island rejects like you.”

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As is often the case with arguments online, AJ too has since made a response video of her own on TikTok.

In it, she said: “Hun, It’s really not that deep I think you’ve got the wrong idea.

“I was taking more the p*** out of myself and the fact that you were that bruised and I’ve go no bruises, a fractured wrist and a loss.”

She added: “If you read the caption, you can see that."

In said caption, AJ wrote: "When you lose and break your hand in the process but leave your opponent looking like the walking dead.

“I’ve taken a few days to reflect and now ready to take this big L on the chin.

“Jokes aside, Well done @Astrid Wett! Keep the belt polished, Filipno Fire will be back.

“Big thank you for all the love and support, you guys keep me going strong!”

Captioning her own response video, Astrid wrote: “You broke your hand punching me in the face and I didn't stop, just be respectful why would you laugh at me?

“You’re nearly 30 grow up girl.”

In her final response’s caption, AJ said: “Wasn’t meant to offend! Especially as you posted TikToks prior to me posting bantering about your bruises and my hand! Genuinely nothing but respect from me”.

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