Amsterdam Red Light District facing the axe as sex workers now work from home

Amsterdam's famous Red Light District is facing the threat of closure after a new report claimed that city's sex workers are now choosing to work from home.

Despite the area being regulated and “safe” for those who work there, a new study from the Center for Crime Prevention and Security states that a mix of financial opportunities and safety are seeing more women take clients from the comfort of their own couch…or bed.

According to Rodney Haan, an advisor on prostitution policy at the CVV, the chances of ending up in a “dangerous situation” while working in the area are proving difficult for some women to accept.

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He said: “It is difficult to measure where there is danger.

“But being off the radar does not automatically mean they are victims.

“Many sex workers manage to protect themselves well.

“Working from home is becoming fashionable.”

Around 15 years ago, the country had 700 legal brothels and sex clubs.

That number has now dropped significantly to just 300.

This has seen a huge drop in investment in the area, too.

Haan added: “There is no entrepreneur who wants to invest a lot of money with the chance of losing the business again after a few years.”

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This has also played a part in the workers choosing to work from home, and they are finding that they can charge more for doing so – and keep their earnings off the books.

Sex club owner Jan Siemons said: “The ladies no longer want the hassle of taxes.

“At home or in a hotel room, no one checks whether money is transferred.

“The ladies don't want the hassle of taxes any more.

“We can't compete with that.”

According to a 2020 report from the Dutch government, the Red Light District generates around £2.3 billion for the Dutch economy.

Post-pandemic figures are due to be released at the end of this year.

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