Adorable bulldog teaches herself how to skateboard after copying owner

A young French bulldog has tugged at the heartstrings of the internet after being filmed learning to skateboard.

Sonya, a five-year-old dog, has made her owner Dimitriy proud after the footage captured hearts around the world.

Dimitry, from the city of Chelyabinsk in the south western Russian region of Chelyabinsk Oblast, insists that Sonya learned it all by itself.

Footage shows Sonya getting on the skateboard herself and gliding smoothly down the curves at an indoor skatepark.

The adorable pooch gives herself a light push then places her feet firmly on the board as it goes down the tiny slope.

Sonya then gets off and continues to have fun on the board.

At one point when the skateboard is stuck on the ledge, Sonya manages to pick it up, grab it by her teeth and drag it to another place before skating on it.

Dmitriy said that the dog was initially a birthday present for his wife Natalia who loves French bulldogs.

When Sonya was one year old, she started taking an interest in a skateboard that was in the couple’s flat.

Dmitriy said: "Sonya started getting on the board while pushing it along and was then able to jump off it."

With 10 years of skateboarding experience, Dmitriy was pleased to share his passion with his cute bulldog.

He told local media: "In the summer, I take her with me to the skating park near the Kurchatov monument.

"Sonya saw everyone else skateboarding and jumped on herself. Me and my friends are always very vocal about her efforts and we egg her on. She does not want to be different from the others."

Today, the stocky pooch, which weighs 15 kilogrammes (33lbs), has her very own top-of-the-range board and safety gear.

This winter, Sonya spent the colder months skateboarding indoors and loved every moment, according to Dmitriy.

Viewers praised the dog's "awesome" act and said it's "a cute dog".

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