‘A plan is in place’: Alberta to begin enforcing social distancing

The Alberta government is set to announce new rules and enforcement this week around COVID-19 social distancing and isolation.

On Saturday, deputy chief medical officer Dr. Marcia Johnson said the province has received reports of people not following advice to stay in, or practise social distancing.

“A plan is in place and will be starting to roll out over the next week that will allow public health inspectors to monitor large groups and restaurants and businesses,” she said.

“There’s also power being provided to the police to deal with, through fines I believe, people that might not be following the recommendations.”

Several provinces have mandated travel restrictions, saying anyone who has travelled must self-isolate for 14 days.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario have already put measures in place to allow police to fine and arrest people who aren’t complying with new rules aimed at controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus in Canada.

The enforcements vary: In Saskatchewan, the province said it will fine those who have travelled but still go out with a $2,000 fine.

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