20-year-old woman reveals new symptoms in terrifying account of coronavirus infection

The 20-year-old woman gave a detailed insight into her symptoms of COVID-19 in a series of posts on Twitter. Julia Buscaglia said she was struck down with severe symptoms beyond the dry cough and fever which health authorities have indicated are early indicators. In the UK there are more than 5,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 281 deaths.

Ms Buscaglia produced a timeline of events from when she initially started feeling ill while in Italy on February 29, to when she was eventually diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 14.

She wrote on Twitter: “February 29th: I woke up this day in agony.

“My head was pounding, my ears throbbing, and it felt as if my throat was on fire.

“My body ached, I had chills, and I had a fever of 100.2. I took over the counter anti-inflammatories and stayed in bed the entire day.”

By March 3 Ms Buscaglia began to lose her sense of taste and smell and developed further flu-like symptoms.

She said: “I still couldn’t hear, and at this point I lost all ability to taste and smell, yet I did not have a runny nose or cough.

“I had a headache constantly during the day which I just treated with Tylenol. I left the next morning to return to America.”

On arriving in the US on March 4, Ms Buscaglia had no doubt she had contracted coronavirus and claimed she was not subject to any health checks when arriving at the airport.

She added: “I flew home, and not a single person asked where I had been. Not even at customs. They didn’t blink an eye at me. I had layovers in LARGE cities.

For the next 14 days Ms Buscaglia put herself in quarantine, but insisted she did not have any of the symptoms the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) warned were linked to the virus.

She said: “No symptoms were present that the CDC warned us about. I had a WET cough. And my hearing, taste, and smell finally returned.”

The next day following advice from her patents who worked in the health service, she took a coronavirus test and on March 14 the results came back positive.

She wrote: “My jaw DROPPED.


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“How was I positive? I didn’t have the symptoms on the news, I got cleared by a doctor, and no one cared.

“At customs I had come from a high risk country. I guess why I’m telling you all of this is because what they are telling you are symptoms are not ALL symptoms.

“And you do NOT have to have the symptoms to be positive. The only symptom I had that was similar was a fever.”

In her final posts Ms Buscaglia urged everyone to stay indoors and insisted even if you do not have symptoms you may have coronavirus.

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