‘Won’t be ready’ Cruise guests issued first day warning

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On the first day of a cruise holiday, many tourists like to head straight to their room. However, they might be surprised to learn that this isn’t always possible on a cruise.

A passenger said on Reddit: “Your room won’t be ready until around 1pm. This means if you carry on your luggage you will have it with you until rooms are ready.

“Your sail and sign card will be in an envelope by your door. Use it to open your door and also purchase anything.”

When guests first board the ship, they’re unlikely to be able to access their cabin for the holiday.

This is because the ship’s crew will be busy preparing and cleaning the room after the last sailing.

Guests will be allowed to roam the ship while they wait for their cabin to be ready and can sometimes even use the pool.

While some of the restaurants may be closed on the first day, passengers will be able to dine at the buffet or less formal eateries.

The guest added: “Go immediately to your muster station. There is a sign on your door showing where it is.”

A muster station is the area of the ship where passengers are expected to gather in the case of an emergency.

Cruise passengers will usually be assigned a muster station based on where their cabin is located.

The guest said: “Ask anyone who works there how to get there if you get lost. If you don’t go to muster they can’t leave port and will call you out.”

It is mandatory to attend the emergency briefing on the first day or the ship will not be able to leave port.

Some cruise lines now offer the emergency briefing on cabin TV’s so guests can watch from within their room.

Another guest shared their own advice for the first day of a cruise holiday and warned passengers to tip.

They said: “If you can, tip your room steward $20 (£16.72) the first night of the cruise. They will fall over themselves taking care of everything you need.”

Tipping at the start of a cruise can be a good idea as it may secure better service for a passenger.

They added: “If there is a bar you think you will frequent or will hang out at for much of the day, tip $5 (£4) or $10 (£8) with your first or second drink.

“They will be grateful and on top of your refills.”

Bar staff may remember passengers who tip at the start of the cruise and offer them a better level of service.

Another passenger added: “Once you’re at port and during the embarkation and debarkation process, don’t hesitate to ask staff/crew any questions.”

Cruise ship crew will be happy to help new guests if they have any questions about the ship’s processes.

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