Selling the Mouse, episode 3: Disney dining and minions multiplying

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Will Disney bring back the Disney Dining Plan? Travelers sure want to know. Meanwhile, minions are multiplying at Universal Studios Florida, Super Nintendo World is opening at Universal Hollywood and the holidays are in full swing in theme parks. We discuss all that and more on this episode of Selling the Mouse. We also get to know Lauren Doyle and her agency, The Travel Mechanic in Raleigh, N.C., and three of her advisors: Stacie Lowe, and Erin and Aaron Baucom. Find out why Lauren is expanding her agency’s ranks of Disney specialists, what drew Erin and Aaron to become new advisors just last month and how Stacie leverages TikTok to bring in an incredible 80% of her leads.

Selling the Mouse is a five-part miniseries, brought to you by Trade Secrets, a travel advisor-focused business development podcast. Trade Secrets is in its third season with new episodes every other Monday.

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