Plane passenger books entire row to himself – then cancels to keep seats empty

It’s the dream for many of us when flying long haul to bag a first class or business seat.

They’re much more comfortable, easier to sleep in and come with better food.

Unfortunately, unless you’re lucky enough to be given a free upgrade many of us can’t afford to spend thousands on our flights.

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So, the next best thing is to get a seat in economy with a whole free row.

A frequent traveller recently claimed she gets a row to herself by asking at the gate to move seats but this doesn’t always work – but one man on TikTok claims that he found a trick that always bags him a full row of seats.

Poster @ndainterest explained his trick in a video and says he does it to achieve a “poor man’s first class”.

He said: "If you’re looking to fly on an airline or travel abroad on holiday, you can’t afford a private jet or the first class on most flights, but with this hack, you can book an airline ticket and get yourself the cheap version of first class and save money!"

The video creator claimed that holidaymakers should buy out an entire tow of tickets and then request a refund for two of them just 45 minutes before boarding.

He claims that the airline won’t have time to resell the tickets and you’ll be left with a free row.

The poster added: "There's no catch, just make sure the two additional tickets are fully refundable.”

His video snapped up over a million views – but many people weren’t convinced by the idea.

In the comments one person said: "They’ll ban you from buying tickets if you keep refunding most of them.”

“The catch is that you’re screwing everyone over,” a second said. “Gonna ruin refundable tickets.”

Another claimed fully-refundable tickets are so rare, the hack won't work. One person said they had "never heard of fully refundable plane tickets", while another asked, "[Except for] Where are you finding fully refundable tickets an hour before take off.. cause I’ve never seen them".

Others also seemed unimpressed at the trick itself. One person commented: "Even if it would work. it's no honourable way to work and eventually will make flying even more expensive…".

Many commented that the hack may not even work as people could be on the standby list – that’s people who are signed up to take a seat if it becomes free such as airline staff or anyone whose flight was cancelled.

Another noted that it may prevent people from being able to fly who need the tickets.

Some said they would try the hack though – would you? Tell us in the comments…


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