Passengers keep mistaking US airport for Canada causing awkward holiday mix-ups

Brits looking to go on holiday to Ontario, Canada, must be careful when booking their flights.

It would seem logical to many that Ontario International Airport would be located in the snowy North American country.

After all, one of their provinces is named Ontario and is seat to the big city Toronto.

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However, Ontario International Airport is actually in the United States – a fact that seems to be confusing lots of holidaymakers.

The international airport sits in California inside the lesser-known city of Ontario.

On Twitter, people were gobsmacked by the fact proving that tourists must be careful when trying to fly to Canada.

One woman said: “It turns out that Ontario International Airport is not in Canada at all. I have just learned that it is in California!”

Another wrote: “Fact of the day: Ontario International Airport is in California, not Canada. Am I an idiot for not knowing before?”

While a bloke added: “FYI, The Ontario International Airport is not located in Canada but instead in California.”

Twitter user, @remygrrrl, even admitted that she once thought she had stopped in Canada only to discover she was in the US.

The young woman said: “I had a layover in Ontario, CA so I thought i’m going to Canada. After sleeping on the plane, I woke up excited to be in Canada.

“I brought my passport, ready to eat poutine. I even called up my friend in Canada to pick me up. Turns out it was Ontario, in California.”

She added: “I got off the plane, walked past this ramen vending machine and this woman started chatting it up with me about it.

“I saw her again later and asked about the ramen she said it wasn’t bad. Good job America and I said, did you say America?? We’re in Canada!I Later, I call my friend to pick me up.

“He said which part of Ontario are u at? I said, the international airport.

“He said I don’t see that one.. I said near Rancho Cucamongo.. he’s like are you sure you’re in Canada??”

The woman added: “I was so sure.. but then I [saw] the map on the bigger scale and wasn’t. I was so shocked when I found out I was in California.”

To clarify the situation, a frequent flyer noted: “Ontario is a province in Canada. Not a city.

“Ontario, CA is a city in California.

“Hope this clears it up for you why there is an airport in CA called Ontario International Airport.”

The @FlyONT Twitter page clarified themselves and said: “Hello, we are Ontario International Airport.

“You may know us from our greatest hits, including: ‘Yes, we're located in Southern California,’ ‘ #SoCalSoEasy,’ and, ‘California not Canada.’”

If you do hope to make your way to Ontario, Canada, then head to the Toronto Pearson International Airport instead.


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