Passenger called ‘entitled’ for refusing to swap seats with ranting dad and son

A holidaymaker has shared the frustrating situation they were put in while on a plane – and had harsh words for the dad involved.

On Reddit, they explained that they had shared a six hour flight from Madrid, Spain, to Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, with a father and son who sat separately.

The pair had asked lots of people to swap seats with them when they boarded so that they could sit together, reports the Mirror.

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Unfortunately for the dad and his son everyone said no.

The Reddit poster noted: “It also caused a slight delay as the flight attendants were asking what's happening with them.

"They were seated one row and two seats apart, so they can still see and talk to each other.

"The whole trip they were talking loudly to one another and exchanging stuff. Waking some people up."

Apparently, when the plane landed and the seatbelt sign signalled people could move around the father approached them.

They claim that he said: "Word of advice, try to be more compassionate next time."

He then told them that they should have moved because they would have been in an aisle seat anyway and it wasn’t his fault he wasn’t seated next to his son.

The annoyed poster said: "If they wanted to sit beside each other so much, why didn't they pay for the reserved seating?

"What if I paid for this reserved seat, will you still make me move?

“Will I get my money back? He's being entitled and assuming your option/ preference is greater to mine."

They asked people in the comments whether they were wrong to have said no.

"I'm 55 myself, and this is hardly an 'old lady' age that needs constant attention and looking after," one person wrote.

"Unless the father was disabled or ill, there is no reason he couldn't sit a row apart from his son for six hours."

Another added: "They asked, you said no. That should be the end of it."

A third noted: "You paid for a reserved seat.

“They didn't. That's not on you. You did not owe them anything. Period."


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