Man shows ‘life-saving travel hack’ to watch videos on phone during flight

A man has come up with a trick to save travellers from getting painful arms and neck when watching videos on their phone during a flight.

Stephen Murphy was called a "life saver" when he shared the travel hack on TikTok.

If you don't have a phone ring attached behind your case or any separate mobile stand to hold your device in a slanted angle, this could be useful to you.

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What you need to do is to take out a UK plug and place it on the foldable tray with the pins pointing upwards.

Then set your video player to a landscape mode and slide your phone between the prongs, and there you have it – a phone on a makeshift stand.

Many viewers were surprised by the easy trick and they commented with a shocked face emoji, adding: "What in the…?"

A second wrote: "Oh my God why didn't I think of that? Mind blowing…"

"This is simple and effective and I love it, amazing, I'm gonna try this on my Jet2 flight next month," a third penned.

Some said they have been using the trick for years and it's tried and tested.

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While this method can be useful to British flyers, another avid traveller suggested another hands-free trick using only a paper bag.

Stephen Edwards showed his viewers how he turned a sickness bag to a "phone hanger" and it's easy to follow.

First you place the paper bag in between the phone and its protective case and then slip it into the gap between the food tray.

The bag can hold the phone's weight while allowing passengers to watch any videos hands-free and without taking up any space.


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