Man fuming after seeing his plane seat despite paying extra to avoid it

A bloke has reported his frustration after paying extra cash for a window seat but winding up next to a plain wall.

Many of us prefer the window seat so that we can gaze through the glass at the clouds and our approaching destination.

The spot also gives you an extra surface to sleep upon when on a long flight as you can slouch up against it.

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Although if you do sleep against the wall be careful not to press your face against the window as flight attendants have said they are unhygienic.

But, it seems not every seat next to the cabin wall is a window seat as one man discovered.

On Reddit, he explained that he had paid additional fees to sit on a window seat on his recent Scoot Air flight.

However, he was instead placed next to a wall for the duration of the journey – and wasn’t happy about it.

He shared a snap of the windowless section of wall on the post and noted: "I paid extra to book a window seat on Scoot."

People asked him whether he has chosen a "window side" rather than a seat with a window he replied: "Not only was it marked as a window seat but also the plane map where you pick your seat showed this seat was no different to the other seats with an actual window."

Unfortunately, some maps don’t always match up with the layout of the plane you end up flying with.

People were sympathetic in the comments with some suggesting he seek a refund for the extra cash.

Others joked about the unfortunate incident with one person saying: "Hope you enjoyed the view."

Another laughed: "On the bright side, now if the engine goes out you'll be none the wiser!"

A third suggested using SeatGuru – a website that lets you double check the exact layout of your flight before you book.

Daily Star contacted Scoot Air for comment.


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