‘I’m a flight attendant – people ask to buy my dirty uniform and feet photos’

Flight attendants have a job many Brits envy – but recently some cabin crew have revealed the downsides of the job.

Many claimed that low pay and not being compensated for delays or time at the airport as a major con, while others said passengers hunted them down on social media after a flight.

But, a flight attendant has revealed that – if you’re willing to humour creepy passengers – you can make a fair bit of cash on the side.

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A cabin crew member told Pedfire : “There was one guy who was known to every crew member as the ‘foot man’.

“He would offer money in exchange for pictures of feet from the people who had served him on his flights – and it turned out he was a very frequent flyer”.

They revealed that he would message many of the airline workers online offering a “fair amount” for the snaps.

It doesn’t end there as the ‘exhausted” flight attendant claimed some people were desperate to buy the crew’s clothes too.

They said: “Flight attendants are pretty sexualised, particularly with our uniforms and for some people, we’re a real fantasy.

“Some people literally want the clothes off our backs…and sometimes our backsides.”

One woman was apparently told “the mustier the better”.

Apparently, underwear and tights are high on the list of desired items from kinky fans while neckerchiefs and shirts are highly requested too.

The money fetishists are willing to offer for such golden ticket items “can be pretty tempting” as they’re very high.

It’s not the first time the sale of used cabin crew uniforms has come to light in recent years.

In 2022, multiple eBay listings for well worn flight attendant shoes, tights, skirts and even coats were spotted with prices as high as £80.

Meanwhile at the height of the pandemic in 2019, used cabin crew tights were listed dozens of times.


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