‘How to get free drinks and upgrades’: Flight attendant shares little-known tricks

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The flight attendant goes by Cierra Mist. As she travels the world she documents it on her TikTok account, where she has 3.1 million followers. She travel expert asked: “Ever wondered how passengers get free things like drinks and upgrades? here’s how.”

As one might expect, buttering up the cabin crew will push you to the top of the list when it comes to freebies.

Cierra went on: “Let’s talk about how you can make a flight attendant’s day on your next flights.

“Number one happens before you even get to your seat.”

She claimed a lot of passengers are rude to flight attendants, not even acknowledging their presence at times.

Cierra said: “Whenever you’re first getting on the plane and you see a flight attendant standing there and greeting you the nicest thing you can do is acknowledge that, and even respond.

“The amount of times that people actually acknowledge that we’re saying something to them is slim to none.

“So, I promise you will stand out, but in a great way.”

Next, is a finer detail in knowing when to stand up and when not to.

While you might need the loo after waiting at the gate, wait till take off and the seat belt sign to come off before you relieve yourself.

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Travel expert Cierra said: “Number two, and no pun intended on this one.

“Once everyone is boarded and you see a flight attendant coming by and looking at your seats with a piece of paper, please don’t use this time to get up and go to the toilet or do anything in the aisle.”

There is a good reason for this, a little-known job the flight attendants have to do.

Not only will it irritate the flight attendants to have someone’s toilet habits interfere with the job, but it could also actually delay departure.

Cierra explained: “The flight attendant with a piece of paper is actually doing a passenger count form.

“And if it doesn’t match what the gate agent has we’ll have to keep doing it over and over again until we get the same number.

“So if the flight attendant is doing that form while you’re in the bathroom,

it’s going to be off and she’s gonna have to do it again.”

This is not the first round of insider tips Cierra has shared on her platform. She also advised Britons to not ask flight attendants to help with their bags.

Cierra claimed the number one annoying thing passengers can do is “ask (crew) to help you lift your bags.” 

Flight attendant explains how to properly pack a bag

The expert went on: “First of all, none of the crew is getting paid while you are boarding.

“We actually don’t even start getting paid until the airplane door shuts and the break gets lifted.

“On top of that if you are having trouble lifting it you can easily get your bag checked at the gate, for free.”

Cierra also listed the plane food flight attendants don’t eat unless they are desperate. 

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