Hotel slammed for charging Brits £2 to remove item from £21.50 signature burger

A hotel has been slammed for charging its customers £2 to remove an item from its burger.

The George Hotel in Yarmouth caused a debate after sharing a snap online on Sunday.

The menu was thought to state that those who want the £21.50 George Burger would have to pay the sum to remove anything from the item, reports WalesOnline.

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On Twitter, Brits were shocked at the idea of paying for less food.

Patrick Kidd claimed: "£21.50 for a burger in a pub is immoral to start with, before you get to adding £2 for removing the lettuce."

Charlie Rose added: "Simple – just chuck the bits you don't want in the bin or over the restaurant owner!"

Graham Soult commented: "For £21.50 they can definitely burger off – even before any removal surcharges!"

And another poster, Graham, added: "What an absolute joke. I’m a chef, have been all my life and I’ve never seen a policy like that."

But, it seems that the unusual policy was actually a misunderstanding.

A spokesperson for The George Hotel, which is located in Yarmouth, said: "This was an unfortunate instance of an employee misinterpreting a discussion regarding extra toppings for our burger.

“They took it upon themselves to add a sentence to the menu which made no sense at all."

They continued: "As soon as the mistake was spotted, the menus were all reprinted and the employee will not ‘fiddle’ with the menu going forward.

“We are a high end beach club restaurant in a smart hotel with a private beach.

"We use locally sourced high-quality ingredients and employ skilled, well paid staff. The cost of £21.50 for a burger is what we need to charge."


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