Hand luggage hacks: ‘Avoid unwanted wrinkles’ and ‘maximise space’ with simple technique

Travel chaos: Simon Calder says to only take hand luggage

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Travelling with hand luggage only is a great way to save on the fees many airlines charge for checked baggage. However, if passengers don’t follow specific bag weight and size restrictions, they could be slapped with huge payments to check their luggage at the last minute.

While many people recommend rolling your clothes to fit everything you need into a smaller space, others prefer to neatly fold their belongings.

According to experts, passengers should opt for a combination of both of these methods in order to ensure everything fits and arrives at their destination crease-free.

The team at WeThrift explained that rolling and folding clothing will “protect your delicates”.

They continued: “The roll and fold technique will help you maximise space in your carry on.

“It’s important to only roll your softer garments, such as your underwear, t-shirts, cotton trousers and knitwear, to avoid unwanted wrinkles within hard-to-iron fabrics.”

Rolling is mostly hailed for its ability to transit clothes from one destination to another without the need to iron when you land.

Reddit user the_orca-jungle said: “If you are packing a lot of clothes into a suitcase, roll your clothes instead of folding them.

“Not only will this give you more space, it will also create fewer wrinkles.”

However, according to some travellers, rolling can still result in wrinkles.

Reddit user Games_4_life said: “Yes about saving space, but I think the ‘fewer wrinkles’ is dependent on the skill of the person.

“I’ve been rolling my clothes for years and boy are they wrinkly.” [SIC]

The folding method, on the other hand, is hailed by television star and lifestyle guru Marie Kondo.

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Speaking in her Netflix TV show, which aired in 2019, she said: “Because I fold my clothing using the KonMari Method, it’s easy for me to pack quickly the day before I travel – which is usually the case since I travel often.

“Not only does this folding technique keep clothing neat and wrinkle-free, but it also maximises the space of the suitcase.”

According to the lifestyle guru, packing vertically instead of horizontally saves space.

This means she stands her clothes side by side, in soldier style, as opposed to sandwiches alongside each other horizontally.

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