Gatwick’s free airport lounge has complimentary drinks, food and Disney films

Many Brits wish they could head to a lounge when they reach the airport for drinks, free food and a comfortable place to sit. 

But, unless you’re flying first or business class you usually have to pay for access to such areas. 

Whether it’s £20 or £40 it’s an added cost to your holiday – though many shell out for it to avoid the cramped and loud airport common areas. 

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Well, now there’s a brand new airport lounge at Gatwick that’s totally free to use. 

Although, only certain people can enter the area which has comfortable seats and complimentary food. 

The “Roam Freely” lounge gives out snacks and drinks for free and there are work spaces so anyone who needs to get to business can do so with ease. 

Plus, there are plenty of charging points to keep your electronics fully juiced. 

Those who get access to the space can use the Disney+ room to watch films if delayed while there’s also a beach-themed photo area. 

So, how do you get access to the lounge? You must be a customer of either O2 or Virgin Media. 

And, you have to remember to book your access ahead of getting to the airport. 

Priority members need to go through the Priority apron their phone and pick a slot that works for them. 

Customers can take one adult and up to six kids under the age of 16 into the lounge. 

Make sure that you’re flying from the correct terminal though as the lounge is in Gatwick’s North Terminal and it can take a while to go from there to the South Terminal. 

Airports globally also allow free lounge access to Priority members with SmartDelay if the flight is delayed by an hour or more. 

Check on the app to see if your airport is included in this. 

O2 customers need to book the bonus by registering their phone number with Priority while Virgin Media users just need to get the app and sign up with their account email. 

The lounge will be available until October this year, reports the Sun.


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