Flight attendant says crying kids are not the worst type of passengers

Flight attendants almost always seem to be bright and cheerful when helping us along our journey.

However, there are some things that stress out the cabin crew.

We’ve previously spoken to one airline worker who said she hates it when passengers ask her for water.

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Another noted that she hates it when tourists hang out in the galley while flying.

If you’re one of the holidaymakers most disliked by the airline staff it seems they even have a secret code for you.

Now, a popular flight attendant on TikTok has revealed the type of customer cabin crews hate the most.

Kat Kamalani, from the US, explained that while babies crying may annoy other holidaymakers the air hostesses don’t really mind.

However, those who complain about grumbly little ones are what apparently irritate the staff.

Kat said: “I promise you, there's nothing that irritates us more as a flight attendant when people complain about a baby crying,.

“DON'T even ask to be moved to a different seat, no one wants that baby to stop crying more than that parent.

“So if you're travelling, bring noise-cancelling headphones, or maybe ask the parent if they need help.”

Millions of people viewed the TikTok clip and many commented as well.

Kat added: “Just be a kind human.”

One person noted: “I have three children and it’s the worst feeling knowing people hate it.

“We do everything to make sure they don’t cry…”

Another wrote: “Babies cry probably because height pressure causes them ear pains.”

While a third said: “I am a flight attendant and I get really mad when passengers complain to me about the crying baby.”

However, some didn’t seem to agree that they should simply wear headphones.

One commenter ranted: “I would pay extra for adult only flights. Sorry, but it’s awful.”

While another said: “Maybe wait till they grow up a little bit?”

Another suggested: “Just give us some adult only options or a section of the planes for families and one for others. Cruises do it. So can you.”

Would you pay extra to fly without children around? Tell us in the comments…


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