Flight attendant exposes the worst kind of passenger – ‘I blushed so hard’

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On TikTok, flight attendant Brit (@brit_bits) shared an annoying action some passengers do. It’s a pretty common mistake to make.

In the video, Brit is taking a break behind the galley curtain. She’s enjoying a coffee and is reading a book.

On most planes, the curtain is used to separate passengers from the crew and give the staff some privacy.

During the video, Brit asks as though a passenger has pulled back the curtain and she is shocked.

She wrote: “When a passenger walks into the galley and opens the curtain you’re hiding behind.”

She added “sometimes they knock”, even though a knock on a curtain is likely not very effective.

Some commenters admitted that they had been guilty of pulling back the curtain while flying.

One said: “I did this one time and the flight attendants were full on making out. I blushed so hard.”

Another said: “Haha sorry that’s me, I do that. I’ll knock next time.”

Many flight attendants will stay behind the curtain when they’re taking a break so it’s polite not to disturb them.

Another pet peeve for flight attendants is passengers who insist on standing up when the seatbelt sign is on.

If the seatbelt sign is on, passengers should remain seated as the plane is likely experiencing turbulence.

For safety reasons, cabin crew have to make sure that everyone remains seated until the plane is through the turbulence.

Some cabin crew have said that some passengers refuse to sit down which can be very frustrating.

One flight attendant on TikTok said it can be really annoying when passengers expect the crew to store their baggage for them.

Although she said the attendants will be happy to assist passengers with their luggage, they aren’t allowed to lift it for them.

This is because they could incur an injury which might not be covered by insurance. Crew are also very busy preparing for take off and might not be able to help.

The flight attendant advised that people try to lift their luggage over their head before going on holiday.

If passengers are unable to lift the case, the flight attendant recommended they repack the bag.

One flight attendant said they found it annoying when passengers ask to take photos in the cockpit.

Due to security concerns, even cabin crew will have difficulty accessing the cockpit during a flight.

The door is kept locked at all times and can usually only be opened by the pilot or co-pilot or with a code.

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