Cabin crew warn passengers who push the call button at the wrong time annoy them

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    Plenty of Brits have been sitting on the plane during a journey and hit the call button for a drink, an extra blanket or to ask the flight attendant a question.

    However, aviation experts and industry workers claim this isn't actually what the button is for.

    You could end up in hot water – or at least irritating your cabin crew – if you use it.

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    Flight attendant Kristina, 27, from Moscow, works for Aeroflot and claims that her least favourite passengers are the ones who call her using the button to get them water.

    She told Daily Star: “Don’t push the call button for asking for a cup of water because our job is hard!”

    The etiquette surrounding the small button isn't exactly clear though.

    It sits next to the air con vent and the reading light and most of us have likely assumed that it's there simply to call attention to our seat from a crew member – which, technically, it is.

    But, it seems we're not supposed to use it for just anything.

    According to Sara Nelson, the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants, it should not be pushed every time you fancy a top up on your drink.

    "Don't use the call button to ask for a drink… as a general rule, don't think of the call button as your vodka-tonic button," she told The Points Guys.

    While kind members of the cabin crew may oblige your request, it's likely they won't be particularly wild about doing so as you're just adding to their already significant workloads.

    Ms Nelson continued: "It's really for emergency use, first and foremost."

    She did suggest that it was okay for parents with young kids to use it, particularly if they're holding the tot and need some help moving about.

    Equally, people with mobility issues shouldn't be afraid to push the button to ask for help.

    Nicky Kelvin, Head of The Points Guy UK, told MailOnline: "Call bells are primarily in place for safety or emergency use, and overusing them could diminish their impact or leave crew attending things that are far less important, leaving real issues in the lurch.

    "Outside of safety, there are times that do feel appropriate to use a call bell.

    "For example, if the seatbelts signs are on, but crew are still moving about the cabin and you need water, or have been forgotten about for some essential service – let's say you're missing cutlery and your meal is in front of you, the only way of attracting crew attention may be via the call button."

    Earlier this year a flight attendant explained that it's worse to press the button during certain parts of the flights than others.

    While they are there to help, calling at certain points could actually be dangerous to yourself and the flight staff.

    TikToker @katkamalani said: "It drives flight attendants bonkers when you hit your flight attendant button if we are on the tarmac or if we're going up or down on the aircraft."

    This might seem a bit strange but Kat explained: "The reason being it's a huge safety issue for us, we could get injured and same with you guys.

    "So if we're on the tarmac, you hit this and it's not some kind of emergency we're going straight back to our seat."


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